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O'Niell's Heights Calendar

January 2020 Events – Heights

Join us for new Martini Tuesdays – every Tuesday, pick the FANCIEST, CRAZIEST Teller Vodka martini you can think up, or have our bartenders whip you up something special - for only $8!

Brewery of the Month – Founders!

Featured Artist of the Month: Olivia Weinreich

          From December 29th – January 26th, come enjoy the work of our featured artist of the month – Olivia Weinreich. This month, our young resident artist representing women empowerment has written her own bio:

“The purpose of this show is meant to convey the essence of divine female energy, because of this, the subject matter for the majority of the pieces are primarily women, with larger than life and inhuman qualities, in an effort to showcase the power of women. Some pieces feature male subject matter to highlight the symbiotic relationship between man and woman. Other works do not feature human subject matter at all, and instead represent divine female energy through symbolism in a collage-like manner. The works rarely include one medium in itself, and often include several mediums within one piece – giving a sense of cohesive eclecticness. Some pieces also explore themes of the human condition, human consciousness, and altered consciousness. The use of vibrant colors and surreal, inhuman elements are intended to highlight the theme of altered consciousness.”

Her original pieces will be hanging at our pub from 11am to 12am every day during the show. Individual pieces are always available for sale by cash or check.

January 5th  

  • John Seusy – Live Music, 4-7pm

Ready for a laid-back, acoustic experience? John’s got you covered. Relax with some fine craft beer and Irish Egg Rolls as John Seusy, beloved local guitar soloist and singer-songwriter, serenades you and your friends with everyone’s favorite classic covers, complete with his own artistic spin… and if you’re lucky, some of his originals too!

January 6th 

  • Geeks Who Drink Pub Trivia – 8pm

January 12th 

  • Watermelon Mountain Jug Band – Live Music, 4-7pm

Watermelon Mountain is such an O’Niell’s family staple, they practically are family. Live music and so much more! Enjoy outstanding entertainment across the board, and some of the best banjo pickin’ and washboardin’ you’ve ever heard with us. The Watermelon Mountain Jug Band has been recognized as “one of New Mexico’s treasured natural resources” and described as “a truly unique mixture of music, mirth and pure entertainment.” Fans have been known to grab a kazoo and sing along – it’s legal now.  

January 13th 

  • Geeks Who Drink Pub Trivia - 8pm

January 14th 

  • Artist reception for Olivia Weinreich

Our featured artists of the month will be having a showing in our pub. Come enjoy cocktails, complimentary hors d’oeuvres, and the multi-medium, mystic, thought-provoking pieces Olivia creates - supporting yet another of the incredible local artists Albuquerque has to offer!

January 15th 

  • Founders Tap Takeover – beginning at 6pm

Founders beers are crafted for a chosen few; a small cadre of renegades and rebels who enjoy a beer that pushes the limits of what is commonly accepted as taste. “In short, we make beer for people like us.” Join us at O’Niell’s for a total tap takeover and some cool free merchandise for stopping by! You won’t be disappointed with famous favorites such as All-Day IPA, Solid Gold, and Dirty Bastard Scotch Ale.

January 19th 

  • RJ Perez – Live Music, 4-7pm

O’Niell’s loves RJ. A veteran guitarist born and raised in Albuquerque, RJ has extensive experience as both a performer and a guitar teacher for the community. His latest act, a solo guitar act, is quickly gaining the attention of local patrons of the best bars and breweries around town. And O’Niell’s is the best of them all… but back to RJ. Beginning with intricate fingerstyle arrangements of popular songs, RJ also incorporates looping and his own singer-songwriter material for a VERY groovy good time. We are so proud to be featuring him here. Check out his performances at and get hype, then join us here for the real deal!

January 20th 

  • Geeks Who Drink Pub Trivia - 8pm

January 26th 

  • Los Radiators – Live Music, 4-7pm 

Los Radiators features Abby Maxwell on vocals and hand percussion and Ric Dorin on vocals and fingerstyle guitar. Chris Carlson is an award winning fiddle player, who brings great energy and dimension to the group. Musical styles include acoustic jazz, blues, folk, pop, reggae, and Motown. Los Radiators have been making acoustically flavored music in central and northern New Mexico for about a decade!